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One Stop Production

One stop production( Design, Tooling, Molding, Spray, Assembly )

     A. Fast action about customer requirement during development and production.

     B. Overall action about problem solving and quality requirement.

     C. Optimized production through the accumulated know-how in each process.

     D. Development capability about short-term development and new technologies

          through the exclusive developing engineer.

Technology Manufacturing

High technology of tool manufacturing

    A. Provide the best tooling technology from the long operated tool shop

         since  established in 1982.

    B. Optimized tool design through the continuous mold flow analysis.

    C. Have a relative know-how to various tooling through the many of manufacturing.

    D. Manage the mold data in 3D file, it makes easy for repeat tooling.

Facilities Technology

Well prepared molding facilities and technology

    A. Can handle the increased order through the many of molding machines..

    B. Lots of experience in molding of engineering plastics.( PPS, PA, PBT, GF% )

    C. Have an experience in various type of injection molding.

    D. Provide competitive price through the automation and clean environment

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement about assembly line

    A. Building the optimized assembly line through the continuous  investment.

       - Fool proof from the full/semi-automation

    B. Have a capability of self  design and making the line facilities.

       - Jig, Fixture, M/C

    C. Realized the optimization of  inspection through the vision  system.

Investment & Growth

Continuous growth from the investment

    A. Continuous investment for R&D when A&P has grown up from tooling company

      to set assy company.

    B. Secure the company competitiveness from the self-developed item.

       (Step motor, Pump, Camera)

    C. Secure the technology competitiveness with the patent registration.

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