CEO's Greeting

All the executives and Staffs of A&P Crebiz are doing our best, in perfect harmony to meet with customers’ expectation and satisfaction based on the mottos of ‘Harmony’, ‘Quality First’, and ‘Service for Customers’, maintaining our through quality assurance system and environmental management system.

In order to cope with the global competition environment, we are active to advance into overseas markets to stand up in the center of the world including USA, Europe, and China.

Our technology has been proved in the field of precision molding and auto parts development, and we are doing our best for the continuous development of new products. Recently, we have developed new items, such as parts for fuel pumps, electronic system parts for cars, and terminals so the future of A&P is getting brighter, together with the future of all the executives and staff of A&P Crebiz. Since inaugurated as CEO of A&P in 2007, I have expanded and developed Vision 2010 Movement to grow up, together with staff, and I am making various efforts for the expansion of production capacity through the establishment of the 2nd Pyeongtaek Plant so you will find A&P to make another take-off in 2010.
I will do my best to show A&P Crebiz whose executives and Staffs entirely make a development.


Sep. 2010.

Mar. 2009.

Feb. 2007.

Nov. 2004.

Sep. 2004.

Feb. 2004.

Sep. 2003.

Oct. 2001.

Jan. 2001.

Oct. 1992.

May. 1992.

Feb. 1987.

Jan. 1982.

Take over HVAC business from another company( IN-LINE songtan factory )

Selected as venture company

Changed CEO( Byeonghyang, Park → Banghee, BAE )

Acquired 14001:2009 ( KMAR ) : renewal

Acquired ISO/TS16949;2009  ( KMAR )  → Automotive part ( Stepper Motor etc. ) : renewal

Certified the company R&D laboratory (Korea industrial technology institute)

Moved the company to current location (718-1, Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea)

Changed the company name to ANP CREBIZ CO., LTD.

SQ qualified ( Hyundai/KIA motors / Continental ) : Injection molding( A grade, 2015 )

Developed the software for design of plastic gear with KIST

Expanded the business to OEM Ass‘y ( Cluster, Pointer Assembly  → Mando )

Expanded the business to injection molding

Established company as “Seowoo precision”( Tooling )


Sep. 2010.​


Mar. 2017.​

Jun. 2017

Jun. 2017

Jun. 2017

Mar. 2016.

Jan. 2016.

Oct. 2014.

Oct. 2012.

Aug. 2012.

Jan. 2012.

Mar. 2012.

Dec. 2010.

SQ qualified  ( Hyundai/KIA motors / Continental ) : Welding ( A grade)

SQ qualified  ( Hyundai/KIA motors / Continental ) : Spray ( A grade)

SQ qualified  ( Hyundai/KIA motors / Continental ) : Electric assembly ( A grade)

Established company as “Mokwoosteel”

Move the assembly line and management from 1st factory to 2nd factory

Open 2nd factory in Namdong, Incheon

SQ qualified  ( Hyundai/KIA motors / Hyundai DYMOS ) : Electric assembly ( B grade)

SQ qualified  ( Hyundai/KIA motors / Continental ) : Welding ( B grade)

Third branch is established in Bupyeong location

SQ qualified ( Hyundai/KIA motors / Continental ) : Spray ( B grade )

Second branch is established in Bucheon location